The best ways to make money in New World fast

New World – is the first step of Amazon to coming towards the MMO RPG market. The game itself provides either new or classical mechanics, which make it really interesting for MMO lovers. 

Nevertheless, the issue of getting money in this kind of games is a common problem for many people. MMOs are often based on the player’s wealth. New players are always urging to get more money from the start because they see high-level characters with some legendary gear. And getting the exact same things is a challenge for them. So, the question of getting money is always on the agenda. 

So, how to make money in New World?

Old good grinding

Grinding is one of the most important parts of most of the MMORPG games. There are a variety of different stories about players literally crashing the spawn-rate of mobs trying to get some rare loot. 

To make money in New World, players may ask a question: “What do I have to find for selling?”. Well, the answer is that you have to collect everything. 


In fact, the economics system was built for communication between players. All the goods you collect will be sold on the local market, which means that the demand affects the price. So that, you can get everything for sale. 

However, the most valuable positions are “Thick hide IV” or “Rawhide”. Usually, they are easy to farm. Having the developed hunting spell, you will have an opportunity to get about 5 000 hides per hour, which will give you an opportunity to sell them for about 800 coins. Pretty good for the start. Moreover, the positions may vary on your server, so inspect the market properly. 

Even more, grinding may be not only for simple selling, but a way to have a great daily income. However, this way, you should have a developed crafting skill and Tannin. Aged Tannin V is not that expensive, so keep it in mind. You can use your common resources to craft some precious drops. And crafting skill combined with Tannin gives you an opportunity to get some additional drops. For example, spending 70 coins may give you 160 coins, that is more than 50% income. But the issue is that the market is crowded with such offers. This way, you have to craft many different positions (about 10-15) in order to sell it. And you may have at least 1000 coins per day. It is a great option for New World. 

Maybe some fishing?

Usually, fishing becomes that part of gameplay, which is really appreciated by many players. That is not only about the meditative process, but also about the fact that you can easily find some great loot. 


In order to make money in New World, you may try fishing. You can get the following items:

  • Fish filet;
  • Fish Oil;
  • Cut Amber (the drop from the chest);
  • Salmon. 

To start with, the most common drop you are going to get is fish filet. And it’s kind of cheap. You will not be able to make much money with that. However, getting a fish filet of the IV tier will give you up to 10 coins, which is not that bad. 

Fish Oil is not that precious, but an opportunity to get the Cut Amber, which is also really valuable, will give you another 5-10 gold. This is also a great deal. 

However, the item you have to chase for is the Salmon. The main feature of this drop is that it is used for completing board missions. So that, many players can give you a huge amount of money in order to get this item instead of fishing. The price may reach about 20 gold, which is a great deal. Including the fact that Salmon is not that rare, you will not feel the lack of valuable drop. Fishing is a kind of easy activity.

Market speculations

Speculating on the market is one of the most common things in such games. In fact, it doesn’t even require some certain skills in it. You have to get your starting bank and learn more about the market dynamics. 


There are several steps, which will be useful for you: 

  1. Use one of the listed ways to earn some money (at least 500 coins);
  2. Go to the market and inspect in what time of the day the prices are higher;
  3. Buy 100 cheap positions (wood is a great example. Usually, you can buy it for only 0.02 coins and sell for 0.06);
  4. Wait until the prices will be on the needed level;
  5. Sell. 

However, you should remember some certain things. The first one is the market fee. So that, you will not get about 0.04 pure income for one wood. The second one is that the selling limit is only 100. However, you can use that for trying trading not only one position. 

You can try fish filet, wood, leather, etc. Just inspect the dynamics on the market in order to get even more profit from market speculations. 


Even high-level players may ask the question: “How to make money in New World?”. And the best way for them would be an Outpost Rush.

In this 20v20 game mode you will have to play a classical capturing battle, where the main goal is to score 1000 points. Playing this game will take you about 20 minutes, and even if you lose, you will get about 180 gold. This way, it is about 600 gold per hour. However, you can also get a chest, which may contain some rare drops. 

However, this RPG gives an opportunity to try varying ways to earn money, and all the players have an opportunity to find an interesting way to grind for them.

April 19, 2022 8:08 AM