Trading in Path of Exile for beginners

Without a doubt, Path of Exile is one of the most popular free online RPG games. Its fandom continues to grow, and the game’s system entiсes more and more new players. If you desire to boost up your efficiency and explore advanced opportunities for this entertainment, it is worth finding out how to trade PoE currency methods. Whether you have received a surplus of stuff and want to get rid of it or require some elements to improve your gaming style, the more you know, the better.

Take a closer look at dos and don’ts to keep in mind, choosing the right strategy for PoE trading. Onwards!

Trading in Path of Exile for beginners

Choose the Best Trading Environment

Understanding how to sell PoE currency rules is impossible without a suitable and functional trading domain. The exchange of resources doesn’t have to take place directly in the game. Each way has its own peculiarities to be aware of. For beginners, it is a matter of survival to discover great platforms to sell or buy items in the Path of Exile universe. Stick to the most suitable variant at the current stage of your profile development:

  • Third-party resources — probably, it is one of the easiest and most convenient ways of how to trade PoE currency. Currency items differentiate in terms of their functionality, power, and value. While some Orbs suit improving your passive skills, others will come in handy to get more professional equipment. Trading via third-party providers makes the search for treasure Orbs and scrolls more flexible. The GG-Pay store is a sample of reliable and trustworthy platforms to start with. This method allows getting extra resources for in-game operations.
  • Official PoE forums — these aren’t a really smart choice for beginners. The volume of data to analyze may be insane, but some deals should be based on quick decisions and actions. To get a better understanding of PoE how to list currency and act during negotiations, such forums will be quite informative.
  • In-game noticeboards — this method is rather tedious. A lot depends on how lucky you are to catch the right item at the right moment. Still, it is still an informative resource to check from time to time.


How to Behave to Get What You Want

A lot depends on your skills, attention, and desire to purchase exquisite objects for special deals. However, there are certain unwritten rules the community has established for trading over the years. Getting engaged in this gaming universe, you will hardly get a beforehand-prepared guide, revealing all the secrets of getting the right item at the best price. Here are some crucial acts to implement in your trading strategy:

  • Don’t expect the seller to come to your hideout — though it is an obvious rule of thumb, newcomers usually don’t associate the game medium as a standard marketplace, but they should’ve.
  • Use the verify button. Otherwise, you risk spending game cash on an item that isn’t available already. This strategy saves time not only for buyers but for potential sellers as well. It is a simpler way to check whether the desired solution is in stock, so to say. There is no need to write millions of messages to the seller and get frustrated when you don’t receive a timely answer. Keep it simpler and more efficient.
  • Buyers and sellers are usually active participants in the PoE game flow. So if you really want to get the answer to your inquiries, your messages have to be brief and accurate. Avoid the mistake of greeting someone and waiting for a return reply. Switch your business person-like mood on and do it properly, staying precise with your trade requests. Mentioning crucial details about the item is a must-have element of your message. The list includes the item name, base item type, as well as more optional buyout price, and league specifications.
  • Negotiating about the cost may take place, but it is simply unreasonable to haggle about the positions with a fixed price. It is just a matter of mutual respect in this case. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the offer, just opt for another seller or trading option. It will save much time and nerves from distracting dialogues about nothing. 
  • On the other hand, haggling about buyout prices is a good decision. Usually, the achievable discount varies in the range of 10-20%. Try your luck to receive a bigger bonus on more expensive solutions. At the same time, it is a risky deal to start lowballing. When the buyout price is ten chaos and you expect to spend only two, the result will be disappointing.


Wrap It Up

At the end of the day, getting to know how to sell currency on PoE trade is an entire science. This part of the game interface is better to investigate as soon as possible though. It lets enthusiasts keep up with more experienced players and simply those who play Path of Exile longer. The more cautious you are during this learning curve, the better the final outcome is likely to be.


June 14, 2022 1:28 PM