Addons for make gold in WoW


For some players, gold mining in World of Warcraft is a separate piece of content to which they devote most of their playtime, while for others it's just a side activity that allows them to buy various items at auction. Whether you're gathering resources to sell, creating crafting items, or searching for expensive BoE items, you can probably find an addon online that will make your life a lot easier.


Rematch TSMPetValues

This addon adds prices to every pet you sell in the collections window, allowing you to quickly determine if you have something of value. Prices are displayed not only for your pets, but also for those you haven't gotten yet, so you can know in advance if it's worth the time to search for them.
Rematch TSMPetValues is an add-on for the Rematch modification that extends the functionality of the Pet Atlas tab, so this addon is a must for installation. You also need TSM for it to work, in the settings of which you can specify what prices you're interested in, whether it's the average price for the region or the minimum price on your server.




Quite a popular modification that allows you to track the locations of ore, grass, fish places, gas clouds, treasures and archaeological sites. GatherMate2 remembers the point where you collected this or that resource and displays it on the map, so you can roughly know where to collect the resource you need again.
And although you can find all kinds of points of occurrence on your own, it is much easier to use the auxiliary addon GatherMate2_Data, which contains all the necessary information about all the resources in the game.




Routes - this modification works great together with GatherMate2 and allows you to create routes that you want to travel to collect resources. Like the previous addon, you can create routes yourself, or you can install Routes Import/Export and use the routes of other players.



WorthIt – Guides

WorthIt - Guides has terrific functionality, allowing you to see inside the game guides (in English) on various aspects of the game related to collecting: places and ways to get riding animals, reputation boosting, optimal ways to develop professions, tips on earning gold, etc.

Also, if you don't know where to find ready-made itineraries for the previous addon, WorthIt - Guides will solve this problem and allow you to import everything you need without leaving the game.




FarmHud is a rather unusual addon that allows you to change your interface and fully immerse yourself in gathering resources. For its effective work it is worth using the above mentioned GatherMate2 and Routes.




A stunning modification created by youtuber Dala GG that allows you to keep track of the most efficient ways of mining gold on your server. You can see how much gold per hour you will get by collecting various resources, going through old raids, collecting rare BoE items and riding animals, recycling materials by chopping herbs or spraying, and many other ways.
In order for you to have the correct prices displayed, you will again need to install and tweak TradeSkillsMaster a bit.

June 24, 2022 1:59 PM