F.A.Q. Answers to frequently asked questions from you


How to pay the order on our website?

1. Choose game, region, server and faction.
2. Fill in the field "Nickname" and "Email".
3. Specify the amount of gold and delivery method.
4. In the comments field, specify your wishes and additional parameters for communication, for example Skype or discord.
5. Press the button "Buy now" and pay for your order with Paypal.

What happens if you do not have gold on my server?

We will refund your money and contact you as soon as gold appears.


How long will I receive my order?

Usually delivery is carried out within 5-30 minutes. Delays are due to queues on servers and with a large number of orders. The maximum delivery time from 5 minutes to 24 hours.

What time can I order?

Order can be done around the clock.

In game

How do I get my order?

Basically, we transfer the "order" from hand to hand (by trade) or by mail. You can choose the delivery method when paying for game currency.

What is not recommended?

No need to write a character who gives you gold. Invite him to a group, guild. All conversations are conducted in Skype, discord or chat on the site.

What is recommended?

It is recommended at the time of transfer of gold to give the seller some thing you do not need.