How to place an order and purchase at gg-pay.com

  1. Find your game, choose the product you want to purchase and the desired quantity of it. In case you have a question about the product you are interested in, you can click Live Chat on the bottom right corner of the website for consultation.
  2. Click on the “Buy” button to place an order.
  3. After clicking “Buy”, you’ll be directed to the order settlement page, enter your Nickname, e-mail, and other information for communication. Carefully recheck the information you provide.
  4. Select the payment method you want, and click on the button "Pay now".

I didn’t receive my order. Can I Ask for a Refund?

The majority of all transactions on gg-pay.com occur successfully. But if the item is not delivered or not as described, we will refund your money. Please visit our Guarantees page for more information about our Refund Policy.


How Long Does It Take to Receive the Order?

The delivery time may differ for different games. Generally, your character will receive the item in as short as 5-30 minutes. Delays may occur due to several situations, for example, the verification process, queues on servers, the payment method you choose, and so on. In that case, if you do not see your orders in 24 hours after confirmation and verification, please contact us via e-mail or Live Chat. We do everything to deliver your order as fast as possible.

Delivery Methods

We choose the most suitable methods to ensure the security of your account. Generally, commonly used fast and safe delivery methods are in-game Mail and Face-to-Face. You can leave a comment about the preferred delivery method in the special section on the order payment page.

Our recommendations:

To avoid suspicious-looking transactions it's recommended to give the seller an item you do not need when doing a Face-to-Face transfer of gold. Also, there is NO need to text a character who transfers your ordered items. Invite him to a group, guild. All conversations are recommended to be conducted on Skype, Discord, or chat on the site.

Can I Sell My Gold to gg-pay?

Yes, you can sell your game currency on our Selling game currency page. With gg-pay.com it is easy, safe, and convenient!

If you can’t find an answer, please contact us for further help.