The guarantees we provide

Why are we?

Buying gold online is not so difficult now, but it is even easier to run into fraudsters. We are grateful to our users who have trusted our store for several years and remain with us!

Our guarantees:

We work honestly - this is our basic rule.

On many servers we purchase gold in advance, and delivery is carried out within 5 minutes.

Accumulative discount system!

Many reviews on the forums Ownedcore and Epicnpc.

Confirmed profiles in all forums, trading floors and payment systems.

We never raise prices with increasing demand.

You always get what you want.

Refunds: In case of delayed delivery of goods, we will refund at your first request. We value our customers.

Recommendations: Read reviews and recommendations from our customers. And please leave your feedback. For us it is very important.

Confidentiality: Under no circumstances will information about you and your orders be disclosed to third parties. We constantly update our protection by encrypting information about site users.