Selling game currency

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If you are an avid fan of online games, then you probably know how important it is for each player to keep their characters' money supply. The need for this is especially growing after major additions come out, as recently happened with the World of Warcraft.

Everyone wants to buy new gear and try to craft from new materials. These are the periods that make gamers look for any opportunity to buy wow gold cheap. And the quick-witted frequenter of this universe will not miss the opportunity to earn extra money on this and sell WoW gold.

Do you already want to sell gold in WoW, getting cash in return? Then we will tell you how you can do it.

Who needs WoW game gold?

In order to start trading in-game currency, you must first find out who needs wow gold most of all and who is ready to pay for it with real banknotes.

The first group of people willing to give us their money is newbies. They are still poorly versed in the intricacies of game mechanics, but they want to be like everyone else (and sometimes certainly cooler). They are the ones who constantly write to the chat something like: "We urgently buy wow gold on such and such a server, write to that". But among the authors of such exclamations, there are few times when you can find a more or less adequate person. And in order to directly sell gold in wow and not be deceived, you need to have a considerable gift of persuasion and intuition.

The second large group for gold selling in WoW consists of players who have devoted almost all their time to the game and have gone headlong into the virtual world. For them, wow, where it is easier to buy gold than to make money in real life, is an outlet from the gray everyday life of reality, and they constantly lack this very gold. Of course, you need to buy equipment for yourself and your guildmates in order to visit the most dangerous places.

If you think that there are not many such people on game servers, then you are greatly mistaken. When you start selling WoW gold, you will see for yourself.

Why do you need gold in WoW?

High-level crafters also buy well. For a professional wow crafter, real gold or some other high-level material is much easier to buy than to spend time farming. So if you want to participate in WoW gold selling, then crafters will become your most loyal and regular customers.

The main thing is to remember that in WoW, true gold, as well as other resources, are occasionally popular, so do not be surprised if WoW gold sell occur in waves, increasing during periods of new additions release and interesting events announcement. One of the advantages is that when the crafters remember where to buy gold after one or two transactions, they will constantly turn to you.

Selling wow gold for real money

If you want your sale to take place as quickly as possible, it is better to sell gold with the help of special services dealing with content from various MMOs. Here you can get decent wages for your work - and you don't even have to look for a client. Such systems are happy to cooperate with players, buying wow gold and other MMOs at decent prices. That’s why we created

The procedure for selling in-game gold

WoW gold can be sold very simply, it is enough to indicate the basic data about the seller and his character in the game.

Buying WoW gold is as follows:

  • the seller must indicate his nickname in the game
  • specify the server
  • write an email address
  • indicate the amount of the sold currency

Gold earned only by honest farming is allowed for sale. In turn, from our side, we provide 100% security and reliability of the transaction.

Why us?

It is important to understand that is not just a website maintained by one webmaster. It is a project, on the development of which many specialists are working, combining their efforts so that you have access to the most advanced trading services in online games.